Thank you for visiting Creative Crossings Studio!

For many years I dreamed of having a studio.  I would look at different spaces and then talk myself out of it.  I love to dance.  I love people.  I love creating things. How could I bring all of these things together?  How do I do something I love and help people in the process?  Well, this was a long time coming, but I am a believer that delayed doesn’t mean denied.  To Be Continued…

Why Our Classes?

We really love what we do! We love dance. We love fitness. We love people.
We are committed to making each class an enjoyable experience. We want you to feel comfortable at your level and challenge you to push yourself.
You will leave sweaty and smiling!


Don’t allow what you don’t have stop you from what you can see!


Take a moment every day and think of one thing you are grateful for!


Someone helped you. You can help someone. Even the little things count.

Our Sweaty and Smiley Clients